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Flood insurance expiration threatens 1,300 closings per day

The National Flood Insurance program expires again Nov. 30. According to NAR, about 1,300 home sales could be disrupted every day if so – 40,000 sales each month. ..

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Patent troll loses 11-year battle against

Patent trolls buy a technology patent and then demand money from any company using software that seems to include that tech tool. But a troll lost its patent infringement case against this week after the Supreme Court opted not to hear it..

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Housing industry No. 2 in number of cyberattacks

Criminals like real estate because many individual members have fairly insecure internet connections and, in some routers, easily hacked weaknesses. ..

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Fixer-uppers can be bargains – but keep costs in mind

A fixer-upper also allows buyers to get the colors and styles they want, but proper planning before starting can save thousands of dollars and lots of stress. ..

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Should buyers try to pay off the mortgage before retiring?

It's still best to own a home mortgage-free in retirement since interest is rarely deductible and fixed incomes don't grow – but it's not always possible. ..

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A new digital marketing program, Local Expert, posts ads for agents or listings in places likely candidates tend to look, such as their Facebook news feed. ..

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New Florida Realtors Rewards product: RentSpree

Agents give RentSpree a prospect tenant's email address and receive a completed rental application and tenant screening in return – request a free demo. ..

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More Fla. metros studying higher impact fees on new homes

Developers pay impact fees to offset a local gov't's projected costs from population increases; some areas, such as Volusia County, are now considering increases ..

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'Secondary' cities rise in popularity

For many big-city residents, it's a quality of life issue: New Yorkers look at Tampa, for example, and realize that the things they'd gain outweigh what they'd give up. However, some secondary cities are already starting to fill up. ..

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Can a condo association set up a disaster reserve fund?

Is it okay for HOAs to plan for future hurricanes by saving a little money each year? Also: Do boards have an obligation to the hard-of-hearing during meetings? ..

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